7 Healthy Mason Jar Salad Recipes


You look up from the email you’re typing and wowza, it’s already 2 pm! How did that happen? Acknowledging your hunger, you make your way to the office kitchen. But you already know. There’s nothing to be found other than… Continue Reading

Is “Everything in Moderation” the Right Approach to Health?

Is "Everything in Moderation" the Right Approach to Health

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not “everything in moderation” is solid wellness advice, or a big ole cop-out. Conventional wisdom tells us we should strive for “everything in moderation.” But if moderation is what we’re after, does… Continue Reading

How to Get More Out of Life Through Learning

the importance of learning

I was a mediocre student in high school. I wasn’t in the top percentile of my class, but I didn’t fall toward the bottom either. I skidded by in a few honors classes, but I haaaated the work. Subjects like precalculus drove me crazy,… Continue Reading

Dealing With Anxiety and Fear


I’ve been thinking a lot about fear lately, as the departure date for our three-month, cross-country road trip draws near. Because well, I’m afraid. Last week at a bar in NYC, some dude I’d never met before asked me if… Continue Reading

Is ‘The Secret’ A Bunch of Bullshit?

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My friend Blair stood up at my rehearsal dinner and told everyone that we became close when we first bonded over a book called The Secret. Lots of eyes rolled in the room at that moment. I’m sure of it.… Continue Reading

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Enchiladas from The Purple Carrot


Raise your hand if you went a little hard on the black + blue burgers this weekend. Yeah … same. No biggie, friends. Time to bounce back. If you’re a regular around these parts, you know we’re not big fans of… Continue Reading