Pretty, Feel-Good Things

Photo Apr 21, 2 04 25 PM

Between my bridal shower, full-throttle wedding planning, contemplating whether or not to quit my job and squeezing my buttcheeks non-stop for an hour at barre class each night, I’m both physically and emotionally tired this week. Not the bad, frazzled kind… Continue Reading

4 Healthy Habits You Can Start Right Now


I would like to clear up some confusion really quick, and hope it doesn’t come as a shock to you. This is absolutely nicht non no niet NOT a weight loss blog. Capish? Do we talk about getting healthy? Check.… Continue Reading

The Perfect Female Body: Which Team Are You On?

I'm No Angel

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a new ad campaign by Lane Bryant: I’m No Angel. At first I was feeling pretty positive about it. I get why we need to buck the ridiculous, idealized version of a perfect female… Continue Reading

Egg, Sweet Potato & Kale Muffins


When I got home from the gym last night I was starving. Then I opened my freezer to pull out some chicken only to find that I didn’t, in fact, have any chicken. Bummer. Normally at this point the hunger… Continue Reading