What You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog


So you want to get a dog. Wahoo! I love animals of all shapes, sizes and species, but I’ve got a special place for dogs. They’re really the only animals that have evolved entirely to depend on humans, and the… Continue Reading

Why I Switched To All-Natural Makeup

W3LLPEOPLE organic makeup

It seems a little backward, but I started thinking consciously about what I was putting in my body long before what I was putting on my body. So it’s sort of ridiculous that I would ask myself: “I’m eating so… Continue Reading

5 Reasons To Eat Saturated Fat (and Enjoy Every Minute of it!)


Boy oh boy, I just loooove that title. Fad diets have taken us on a roller coaster of confusion over the years. Low carb or high carb? Paleo or vegetarian? Perhaps the most confusion of all surrounds fat, and whether… Continue Reading

A look inside the CTK Kitchen + Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipe


As we grow this little blog of ours, we’ve been trying to connect with like-minded folks to spread the word about doing good and feelin’ good. It’s been pretty awesome to hear from family, friends, and complete strangers about new… Continue Reading

The Best Workout We’ve Had In A While

Photo Jan 30, 4 42 52 PM

Oh my word, you guys, at the invitation of the lovely Sydney Stargatt over at TS Fitness (Assistant Manager and fellow Institute for Integrative Nutrition alumna) BShan and I headed over to their studio last week to check out the space… Continue Reading

Women We Love: Blair Badenhop


We’d like to introduce you to our Women We Love Series. Each month, we’ll be highlighting an awesome lady that we think is up to some really useful stuff in the world. First up, our dear friend, sister-for-life and former colleague… Continue Reading

Gal’s Guide to Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl is swiftly approaching. Originally hailing from Boston, I’ll be donning my Pats gear, as will Lucy. She gets no choice in the matter, but I’m pretty sure she’s fine with it. So you’re heading to the bar or… Continue Reading

A Yoga App To Jumpstart Your Home Practice

Photo Jan 28, 7 02 27 PM

In 2013, I did my first ever teacher training at Yoga Vida in NYC. God, it was amazing. I’d just resigned my post alongside my CTK Co-Founders at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and decided that thirty days of non-stop Yoga… Continue Reading