Gal’s Guide to Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl is swiftly approaching. Originally hailing from Boston, I’ll be donning my Pats gear, as will Lucy. She gets no choice in the matter, but I’m pretty sure she’s fine with it. So you’re heading to the bar or… Continue Reading

A Yoga App To Jumpstart Your Home Practice

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In 2013, I did my first ever teacher training at Yoga Vida in NYC. God, it was amazing. I’d just resigned my post alongside my CTK Co-Founders at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and decided that thirty days of non-stop Yoga… Continue Reading

Ten-Minute Tomato Soup & Toast

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We’ve reached the time of year when I am literally cold 24/7.  I look forward to my hot, evening shower all day long because it’s basically the only time my body temperature feels comfortable. These days, a steamin’ bowl of… Continue Reading

Easy Sesame Chicken & Broccoli


Let’s talk about NYC’s delivery food scene for a sec. It is simultaneously one of the best and worst things to exist. Anything you could POSSIBLY want to eat: anytime, all week, day or night. From a green smoothie to a… Continue Reading

D-Money’s Winter Wish List


I currently have a random winter wish list going. Ever look around your life and realize that there really are a few things that you need and want that you just haven’t gotten around to getting?  That’s where I’m at.… Continue Reading

The Lowdown on Cleansing + a Reset Recipe You’ll Actually Enjoy


Ever have one of those days (or weeks) when you’re feeling just a little … what’s the word? Doughy? A whole lotta people love turning to cleanses come January, thinking they’ll knock those toxins right out. That’s cool, and I know… Continue Reading

Limiting Beliefs Are A Real Thing. This Is How We Can Change Them.

The Perfect Body Image

I’ve been rolling my eyes at the term ‘limiting beliefs’ since it was mentioned a few too many times in a few too many self-help books over the years.  But guess what I’ve just come to know deep in my… Continue Reading

NYE App to Impress + New Year’s Day Brunch Favorites


I’m juuuuuust sitting down to write this, coming up for air after a whirlwind week of family, friends and festivities. How was your holiday? I hope you put those elastic waist band pants to work. Much to my family’s delight,… Continue Reading