Dealing With Anxiety and Fear


I’ve been thinking a lot about fear lately, as the departure date for our three-month, cross-country road trip draws near. Because well, I’m afraid. Last week at a bar in NYC, some dude I’d never met before asked me if… Continue Reading

Is ‘The Secret’ A Bunch of Bullshit?

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My friend Blair stood up at my rehearsal dinner and told everyone that we became close when we first bonded over a book called The Secret. Lots of eyes rolled in the room at that moment. I’m sure of it.… Continue Reading

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Enchiladas from The Purple Carrot


Raise your hand if you went a little hard on the black + blue burgers this weekend. Yeah … same. No biggie, friends. Time to bounce back. If you’re a regular around these parts, you know we’re not big fans of… Continue Reading

One Simple Rule for Accomplishing Any Goal

how to accomplish anything you want

Sometimes I wonder what my dog walker thinks when she comes to pick Lucy up. I have a giant stack of books on my bedside table and guys, the titles are weird. She’s probably thinking “this chick shouldn’t be responsible for… Continue Reading

Three Simple Ways to Control Your Thoughts

Shitty Thoughts

“We come to realize that our thoughts, more so than our circumstances, sabotage our freedom and success.” – Brendon Burchard My sister-in-law will be graduating from her doctoral program this summer. After ten, long, hard, expensive years, she’ll be a… Continue Reading