How to Appreciate Things Without Having Them in Our Lives

How to Appreciate Things Without Having Them in Our Lives

Since leaving New York, life’s been a whirlwind, in mostly good ways. Business is moving right along and I’m learning a whole buncha lessons. Things are great. Busy, but great. And yet lately something keeps coming up that I’ve never… Continue Reading

Summer Silks w/ Grana


When you start gravitating toward having less stuff in your life, you tend to start gravitating toward having better stuff as well. It’s true for everything from food to relationships. And one place in particular that less but better is important, is in our closets. When you… Continue Reading

Is Your Shampoo Safe? Ingredients to Avoid: 1,4-Dioxane


I wanted to start a series that would disseminate some of the information I’ve learned about the dangers lurking in our everyday cosmetics products. I honestly couldn’t believe some of the stuff I learned, specifically about the lack of regulation… Continue Reading

Fashion Integrity: Why I Believe Secondhand Shopping Is The Best

secondhand style

I used to love to go thrift shopping with my best friend Molly back in high school. There was something about the hunt for treasures that I couldn’t resist. We frequented a few great shops in our area full of designer finds… Continue Reading

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