Do Fashion Blogs Make You Feel Bad About Yourself?

Here’s the deal, I think fashion blogs are wonderful and the ladies behind them smart, stylish, savvy and creative.  I love Emily, and Mary, and Grace and Blair.  I’m silently cheering them on.  But, I think they have created a challenge for the rest of us mortal muggles. We start comparing ourselves and our lives to the pictures on their websites and it makes us feel like shit.  They make us feel like we are lacking.

The fastest way to be discontent in life is to compare yourself to others. That is precisely what we do to ourselves with fashion blogs.  Here are a few things to keep in mind though, when pining over photos and links.

5 Reasons to Stop Letting Fashion Blogs Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

#1. Sponsors

Stores and designers send them clothes or reimbursement for promoting their goods. I would probably dress way better if I had Nordstrom sending me boxes of stuff. I actually think it would be amazing to have Nordstrom send me boxes of stuff, just to be clear. I’m definitely not knocking them. I am just suggesting to keep this in mind when you’re comparing yourself (and your percieved frumpiness) to their beautiful Instagram feeds.

Their closets are often times sponsored which is not the reality for the majority of the population.

#2. Budgets

The part that’s really been chapping my ass lately is that I’ve seen a few fashion blogs start out as cute, relatable and fun; shopping at Free People or Forever 21.  Then, they morph into high fashion catalogues in a pace that matches the growth of their Instagram following. Suddenly they’re rocking Chanel and Burberry and not one outfit is attainable for me. When this transformation occurs, they no longer feel like a fun, useful tool. They now feel comparable to flipping through Vogue which, really doesn’t do me or my budget much good at all.

Clothes are not an investment as they depreciate immediately upon purchasing.  I’m all for quality over quantity but, ass Sophia Amoruso said in #GIRLBOSS, I would much rather see the money in the bank than on my feet.

#3.  Perfect Lighting

I would probably look fantastic every day if I perfectly styled an outfit, hired a profesional photographer (or at least made Joel use the fancy camera) and then took to the streets in soft, glowing, mornning light to take a bunch of pics of myself. Most of us don’t actually do this.

I actually don’t understand some of them, though. They are outside. It’s New York in December. They must be freezing with those bare feets in heels! Bare feet in heels, December and New York do NOT feel good together.

Also, if you’re anything like me, a typical morning involves hustling out the door in order to get to work on time. And now that it is generally below 40 degrees out, my outfits, no matter how adorbale or frumpy they are, will be covered by my black Patagonia Parka until further notice.

#4.  Tuesday Afternoons vs. Saturday Evenings


My favorite stylist, Hilary of Dean Street Society, suggests building 80% of your wardrobe around what you’re doing on Tuesday afternoon vs. a Saturday evening. Because the problem is that most of us have is a closet full of clothes but still have nothing to wear. She believes this is because we go shopping without a plan and wind up buying a bunch of stuff we love but, have no place to wear. Hello high waisted, polka dot organza skirt!  #guilty.

#5.  Catalogues

You know how good you feel about your body after flipping through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue? That’s how we feel about our style after skimming through fashion blogs.  They have become catalogues.  There is nothing wrong with that but, its the truth and we would do well to keep this in mind. If we recognize the truth we can also recognize that our subsequent feelings of inadequacy are unfounded.

In conclusion:

I love fashion blogs.  I’m not hatin’ on them.  But, there is nothing wrong with the black pants from LOFT that you got online at 40% off either. You are not frumpy and you are not lacking anything you need to be happy.

The best way to start feeling like shit, is to start comparing your life to a fashion blogger’s Instagram account.

Use fashion blogs as tools, as inspiration when figuring out how to wear something, when deciding on a dress for your cousin’s wedding. Scroll through them as you might flip through your favorite magazine but, blogs and social media are typically the highlight reel.

Enjoy them. Just don’t let them make you feel like shit.

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  1. D-Money, amazing post. You are hilarious and so spot on! Thanks for calling those bloggers out 🙂

  2. Being an Ohio girl who just made the move to NYC the fashion overwhelmed-ness is real. I never felt so ill-dressed to grab a bite to eat after work. With fashion week in town its even a little more pressure to measure up to the models walking down 6th Ave. on the daily. Totally needed this post. Thanks D-Money!

  3. SPOT ON! While I like putting a cute outfit together for work I find that outside of work I often just hang out in my leggings. And I totally would always dress cute if Nordies sent me stuff. Just Saying.

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