Could You Quit Drinking If You Wanted To? 60-Day Update


It’s been 60 days now since I’ve had one sip of alcohol. And it’s been glorious, I have to say.

Not only do I continue to get better sleep than I have in years, I’ve also lost about seven pounds and am approaching my last week of BBG Round 1. Both of which, I directly attribute to quitting drinking. I just have more energy and focus and follow through these days.

And here’s the thing about this little experiment, a lot of people have asked me why I’m doing it. Some people say “Sounds terrible, why would you ever do that?” Or my favorite “You’re pregnant, aren’t you? You’d tell me, right?” I had to look my college roommate (who is pregnant by the way) straight in the eye and promise her, swear, that I wasn’t. It’s just funny to think about it now actually.

And I totally get it. If you don’t have a drinking problem, why bother? What’s the point? And my friends who are pregnant or who have recently been are like “Why the hell would you ever do that? I’d kill for a glass of wine.”

My answer is that, aside from wanting to investigate my relationship to alcohol honestly, and to improve my health overall and get in shape (as if we need any other reason to do something), I also just like to challenge myself like this once in awhile. I think it’s important.

To force ourselves to do something good, to stick with it, get uncomfortable or just accomplish something that we might have once thought was impossible. Perhaps a fitness challenge, running a half-marathon, quitting sugar, meditating for 40 days, whatever.

Challenging ourselves like that builds confidence and character and shifts our perspective on what’s possible, on what we are capable of.

Plus, when we make commitments to ourselves and keep them, it bolsters our self-esteem. But when we stay stuck in patterns we think or talk about changing all the time, but never actually do anything about them, it hinders our self-esteem.

And what are we without our self-esteem?

I’m also a firm believer that we all have inspiration and insights into ourselves that we ought to listen to more often. Especially if there are things in our lives that we want to change. And don’t we all have things we want to change?

I just watched this inspiring video and in it, Mel Robbins shares that when we have these kinds of intuitive ideas we need to do something about them immediately. We need to do something, anything physical, to take action on them in the first five seconds, or they’re gone. And it’s important to grab them when they come to us, because these little ideas are our intuition trying to show us the way to the life we truly want.

So think about it, what is one thing – the first thing that pops into your mind – that you’ve been thinking about doing to change your life for the better?

You have that idea for a reason.

And you should do something about it.

Do it! Now! Go!

Just do one, tiny thing right NOW, in the next five seconds, to take action on it. Write yourself an email, jot down a note, text yourself, tell someone, anything. Just do something physical in the direction of that thought immediately.

And then go make it happen. Make the commitment to yourself and keep it.

On the drive home from New Jersey on January 1st, 2016, I had the tiny idea to cut alcohol out of my life for a decent period of time (and no it’s not because I was wretchedly hung over, I wasn’t). In the first five seconds of having that idea, I started a conversation with Joel about it. By the end of that conversation I committed to cutting it out for 90 days. And it’s been really wonderful. Alcohol was such a big part of my life, I previously couldn’t have imagined just not having a glass of wine when everyone else at the table was. Or going to an engagement party solo, not knowing many people, and not having a drink.

Now I can. Now I don’t even really care that much. My perspective has been shifted.

And if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past 60 days, it’s that if you have an idea that you think will improve your life,  you should do it, because you have that idea for a reason, and you’re probably right.

So what’s your version of going booze-free for a while? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear your review of BBG after round 1. I’m finishing pre-training this week.

  2. I find it really refreshing to read about other people who gave up drinking. For me it’s more personal since alcoholism runs in my family, but it’s more than that. I just really don’t like how I feel when I drink.

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