Health Challenges + How to Handle Them

health challenge and how to handle them

A few months ago I opened up about my struggle with unexpected weight gain and work-related stress. I outlined what I was planning to do in order to feel better and regain control over my health and happiness. I promptly… Continue Reading

How to Appreciate Things Without Having Them in Our Lives

Since leaving New York, life’s been a whirlwind, in mostly good ways. Business is moving right along and I’m learning a whole buncha lessons. Things are great. Busy, but great. And yet lately something keeps coming up that I’ve never… Continue Reading

Fear Could Be Holding You Back From The Life You Really Want

I have always been a little bit fearful. I can’t watch horror movies, I won’t sleep for days. Even “thrillers” are pushing it, I’ll take sappy rom coms anyday. When going to a scary movie was the activity du jour… Continue Reading

One Simple Tip for the Best Fried Rice

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to takeout food, there’s one cuisine that just doesn’t really cut it? I mean, there’s definitely something comforting about ordering Chinese takeout. But it’s not all that satisfying. We hardly ever attempt to make… Continue Reading

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