7 Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

When I first learned about the benefits of a capsule wardrobe, I was skeptical. 

As I read why having a simple, de-cluttered closet was powerful, I peered over at my own (overstuffed) closet. 37 pieces? I think I have over 37 pairs of shoes. 

But despite my doubts, the concept appealed to me. Not because I loved the idea of getting rid of things, or because 37 sounded like a good number. But because it promised a way to not only limit the time and energy spent on clothes but to create a more stylish wardrobe at the same time.

benefits of a capsule wardrobe

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 Let me make one thing very clear: I love clothes.

I have loved styling outfits, accessorizing and scouring fashion blogs for a long time, and I believe personal style is a fun, wonderful way to express ourselves.

What I don’t love is spending a ton of time and energy thinking about clothes, when I could otherwise be spending time on more productive, fulfilling things. I’m going for effortlessly stylish, ya know? Emphasis on the effortless.

Oh and also, I hate shopping. This may sound contradictory. But it always feels like a chore:

I need to find a dress for a wedding this weekend

I need to get a new coat it’s getting cold out

I need to find something to wear for my date tomorrow

I need a pair of boots to go with these jeans

I need a pair of jeans to go with these boots

Which brings me to the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe, and why Dana and I have both decided to create them.

I already have everything I need:

Wedding? Check.

Cold weather? Check. (Warm weather? Check.)

Date? Check.

Boots to go with everything in my closet? Check.

Jeans to go with everything in my closet? Check.

benefits of a capsule wardrobe

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Here are a few other benefits of a capsule wardrobe:

  1. No more closet envy. From eyeing that chick’s suede booties on the subway to lusting after Lauren Conrad’s new leather jacket, we’ve all been there. But when you build a wardrobe you love, you discover you can be actually be happy with a lot less. You stop paying attention to celeb closets and pining over other people’s outfits.
  2. Eliminates decision fatigue. When we have too many options, we make poor decisions. Ever try to wear something that doesn’t fit right and doesn’t make you feel all that great, but you force it on anyway because you feel like you should use all the options you have in your closet? Yeah, us too. But if you have fewer options that you really love and that fit you well, you won’t have to make so many decisions. You’ll wind up feeling better in what you’re wearing more often, and you’ll save yourself a bunch of trouble.
  3. More time. Less time spent thinking about your wardrobe = more time for things that matter. Getting dressed isn’t a battle everyday, which rids a lot of morning stress. And oh man, laundry! How much do you hate having to scrounge up quarters every other week?
  4. More money. This one’s big. You can save a lot of much money by creating a capsule wardrobe. Sure, one cashmere sweater may run you somewhere around $100-150, but piling up seven polyester ones costs more and they won’t last as long. When you stop spending time shopping, you simply spend less money.
  5. It’s ethical. Ooof, controversial, I know. But when we buy clothes from traditional retailers, products have been marked up eight times, which only benefits the big guys. When we carefully curate the clothes we wear, we can learn about the manufacturing process and purchase with integrity.
  6. It’s fun. Yep, plain and simple: curating a capsule wardrobe is fun. It doesn’t take away from your personal style, or fashion as a hobby. It doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about your clothes or the way you present yourself either. In fact, you’re probably going to be a whole lot more mindful about it going forward.
  7. It feels really good. Okay this is sort of like wrapping all the benefits into one, but it’s important. Because at the end of the day, when you’ve laid out your 33, or 37 or 42 pieces (p.s., there’s no “rule” on the number, the point is limiting the excess), you should feel proud about taking control over this aspect of your life, and stepping out everyday in an outfit that makes you feel confident, stylish and beautiful.

So whatdya think? Have you started scheming up your spring capsule wardrobe yet? We’ve been thinking about ours and pinning some inspo! If you’re interested in creating your own, you can sign up right here to receive our FREE how-to guide, coming Spring 2016: