Can This One Box Save You Money?

Get a box. Any box. I use one leftover from my move. Put it somewhere you’ll see it every day or at least a few times a week. This is your purge box.

You’re going to put something in it every, single day. It could be the old iPhone 4 case you keep for no apparent reason. The ‘back-up’ dog leash that you haven’t used in two years. That button down you got on sale that doesn’t sit right on your boobs so you never wear it. It could be anything really. Except your roommate’s stuff. Don’t get rid of her stuff. That’s not nice.

Today I put my wedding shoes in the box.


I’d been holding on to them for months because you can’t throw away your wedding shoes, can you?

Yes. Yes you can.

Keeping them won’t preserve my memory of the day, or strengthen my marriage, or do anything but clutter my new apartment. Besides, I wore them for only four hours before a toe started bleeding. They were so fucking uncomfortable. By that point I’d had three proseccos and didn’t care anyway. Plus they were already ruined because they were ivory, satin, strappy wedges and I got married on a functioning dairy farm. Even if they were in good condition, I’d probably never wear them again because – who wears ivory, satin, strappy wedges? I paid $200 for them even though you couldn’t see under my floor-length gown. But that’s what you do when you get married. You spend money on things like your shoes. Nobody wants to wear cheap wedding shoes.

But anyway, that’s what went in my box today. If I can get rid of my wedding shoes, you can get rid of that extra remote that doesn’t go with any of the electronics in your apartment. Do it, girl. Don’t be scurred.

And then when your box is full, toss the things no one would want in the trash, Google the closest Goodwill or donation dumpster and bring the rest of it there. Then bring the box home and start again.

So how can this one box save you money?

Seeing it every day will make you question your stuff. Filling it up will make you examine your spending (I mean, how many button downs do ya need?). Creating this purge box habit will help you declutter your living space and hold on to more of your money. Because you’ll start to realize just how much stuff you own that you don’t like, use or need. Getting rid of that stuff will feel really good. And not buying more of it – will save you lots of benny franklins.



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