Capsule Wardrobe | The Experiment Begins


So finally, we begin the capsule wardrobe experiment here at CTK.

Bridget and I are firm believers, obviously, that simplifying each area of our lives, makes us happier, healthier and more fulfilled. And we think one of the easiest places to start simplifying, is in our closet.

Because we believe there are two problems in how we’ve all been approaching personal style.

  1. We all have a closet full of clothes and yet nothing to wear.
  2. Fast fashion is a destructive industry that we need to stop supporting to make the world a better place.

Our solution to both of those problems is a 4-Step Process:

  1. Accept those two basic truths
  2. Prune your closet
  3. Adopt the capsule wardrobe
  4. Move toward sustainable, ethical clothing brands in the future

In this post we’re excited to jump in with step three. We think as we continue, we’ll finally build the beautiful, classic, high-quality, timeless, effortlessly chic wardrobes we’ve always wanted. Note: that is not exactly how I feel about all of the clothes below, ha.


But, the point is not to throw everything out or buy an entirely new wardrobe from scratch. Like, I already bought the damn coat from Forever 21, the best thing to do now is wear it until I can’t anymore and keep it out of a landfill. And then when the time comes, replace it with this beautiful coat from our favorite transparent brand, Everlane. I love that thing.

Because I’ve heard friends say before “I wish I could just throw out all of my clothes and start over.” Well, yes, us too. But, we can’t afford to do that and it wouldn’t be good for the planet either. But we think adopting the capsule wardrobe is the closest (financially and environmentally responsible) thing to doing just that.

We’re starting over and building in a more deliberate and conscious way in going forward. Impulse purchases – be gone!

I’m personally super excited to start this little journey of improving my style. It’s literally just so fun. Although, taking pictures of ourselves, not so fun. Got a long way to go…

Anyway, here it is, my…

Spring Capsule Wardrobe


So, what have I got here? 

Total Pieces = 37

What I’m thinking: 

  1. Doesn’t really look like much stuff and I could probably do with even less since I work from home and could technically spend all day every day in my bathrobe.
  2. After our shoot, I’ve realized that, as my friend Deb has pointed out to me, I really love Canadian tuxedos. Sorry. I’m not sorry
  3. Having my picture taken never seems to get less awkward for me so you’ll be seeing a lot of pictures of me with my head cut off. Apparently I’m incapable of taking a photo with a normal facial expression. Whatever, it’s about the clothes anyway.


My predictions for the Spring Capsule Experiment:

  1. It’s going to take a lot of strength for me to not break down and buy a cute pair of stacked-heel sandals. I didn’t do it before the shoot but my inner guidance is telling me that that was a mistake.
  2. I doubt I’ll use that red bag much. Don’t really need it. Just like pops of red.
  3. Apparently I love striped tees more than I realized.

What do you think? Wanna give this whole capsule wardrobe thing a shot? Or just wait and see what happens here? Leave a comment below.

And if you’re interested in 5 simple steps to improve your style without buying a thing, you can grab that here! It’s free!


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