What’s the Deal with Hygge?

cozy dinner party

Do you ever listen to someone speaking and think, man they just really get me. This happened to me in the car yesterday, nodding my head incessantly while listening to a podcast. The subject? The Danish philosophy that’s taking the… Continue Reading

How to Appreciate Things Without Having Them in Our Lives

Since leaving New York, life’s been a whirlwind, in mostly good ways. Business is moving right along and I’m learning a whole buncha lessons. Things are great. Busy, but great. And yet lately something keeps coming up that I’ve never… Continue Reading

Minimalist Monday: The Origin of Valentine’s Day – A Rant by Bridget & Dana

So Valentine’s Day is still a thing, huh? Dana: I mean, it’s clearly just a holiday invented by the powers-to-be to encourage us to spend money during a time of the year that we wouldn’t normally spend money. The History Channel… Continue Reading

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