Crop Tops & Copy

Did you know that we’re copywriters?

Yes, it’s true. We write words that help you sell things. All of the things. So you can make money. Stack yo’ chips. Live the good life. And make it rain in the club, generally speaking.

If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, or budding titan of industry, you can hire us to convince your customers that they need you – and your stuff. Because they do need it, right? Right. We knew it.

But, what is it that you need? A website refresh? A tantalizing sales page? Or maybe even a serious branding overhaul? Oooh, we love those.

Allow ourselves to introduce … ourselves…

We’re Bridget and Dana, copywriting duo for hire.


Now look, we know that you know that good copy is the difference between a trickle of sales coming in and quivering floodgates.

It’s the difference between a potential customer clicking away to a kitten video on Facebook, lost forever. Or gobbling up your ideas, nodding her head thinking I need this while frantically searching for her wallet.

We also know you probably have brilliant ideas, amazing products and world-class services but, if you don’t know how to effectively communicate the benefits – how they’ll change your customer’s life, or solve her problem – you’re not going to sell many of them.

Sorry, friend. But you’re not.

People don’t care about your brilliant ideas, your amazing products or your world-class services. They care about themselves. And they’re busy. They want to know what’s in it for them.

Good copy will tell them just that.

It’s the right words, in the right order, that tell the right story to the right people.

There’s a way to do it that’s effective. That pulls them in. Nudges them along. And compels them to take action.

And there’s a way to do it that has them nodding off at their desk, the thought of actually buying something from you, having never crossed their mind.

We know the difference. And we want to help.

Because maybe you:

  • Hate writing and would love to just freakin’ outsource the whole process
  • Don’t have time for it because you’re busy running your business
  • Like to handle it yourself but could really use someone to run ideas by, edit your work, or just read what you’ve got and make sure it doesn’t suck

That’s where we come in.

We’ll make sure your copy is on point. Or we’ll write it ourselves so you can go about your business.

If you need help, don’t wait. In fact, hop to it. You have no time to lose. Every minute you sit around with shitty copy on your website attempting to sell people things is money down the drain.

But don’t worry, one consult could be all you need. Good copy is the gift that keeps on giving.

To make sure your copy will effectively sell your stuff, schedule a free consultation. Just shoot us an email at to schedule it and let’s get going. You’ve got things to sell.