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As Bridget and I are working on a weight loss guide to address the number one struggle most new readers tell us they’re facing, I decided to brush up on some good, old-fashioned, scientific, fat loss reading.

There are a lot of great books out there that can teach you everything you need to know about losing fat (though none of them can force you to take action). This book is one of them.

The research seems to be getting clearer and clearer, proving (as best as studies can actually prove anything) what everyone’s been doing wrong the past few decades when it comes to losing weight. Why we’re looking at a 40% obesity rate in The States, and an increase, of course, in the chronic illnesses associated with it. And why losing weight seems to be the biggest struggle we’re all facing.

In Eat Fat, Get Thin, one of our favorite physicians, Mark Hyman, MD, admits where he (and most of the the medical community) have been wrong, and how to fix the mistakes of the past.

In this book you’ll learn things like:

  • Why the fat we eat is actually the key to sustained weight loss and vibrant health
  • How fat became the diet demon in the first place
  • The truth about fat and its connection to heart disease
  • Why good fats make you smart, sexy and happy
  • And a program to put the info into action in your own life (it’s actually really straightforward and simple)

It’s a good read if you’re a.) a nutrition nerd like Bridget and I, b.) really sick of struggling to lose weight by exercising like crazy and counting calories and, c.) open to thinking differently about weight loss.

This book is for vegans to carnivores and everyone in-between. And It will definitely shed some light on the why the 90’s called and they want their low-fat yogurt back.

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