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As my happiness kick continues, I decided to finish up this awesome book by Neil Pasricha, The Happiness Equation.

After spending more than a decade developing leaders around the globe, helping people to lead teams, lead businesses and lead organizations, it began to dawn on him: hardly anyone was happy. Everyone faced too many ups and down, were too busy, had too much stress, and not enough down time.

He realized that teaching and training our brains to stay positively focused while navigating the bumps of life is not something we’re taught in school. There isn’t a ton of organizational focus on ‘how to be happier’. And yet we all yearn for it. We all want to know how to be content, free and happy.

So it started out with a speech at an annual workshop: 9 Secrets to a Happier Life and evolved from there. It’s a book to dedicated to helping people navigate and simplify their most challenging decisions so they can live with contentment, freedom and happiness.

  • Secret #1 The First Thing You Must Do Before You Can Be Happy
  • Secret #2 Do This and Criticism Can’t Touch You
  • Secret #3 Three Words That Will Save You on Your Very Worst Days
  • Secret #4 The Dream We All Have That is Completely Wrong
  • Secret #5 How to Make More Money Than a Harvard MBA
  • Secret #6 The Secret to Never Being Too Busy Again
  • Secret #7 How To Turn Your Biggest Fear Into Your Biggest Success
  • Secret #8 The Simple Way To Master Your Most Important Relationship
  • Secret #9 The Single Best Piece of Advice You’ll Ever Take

My favorite chapter though, is titled 7 Ways to Be Happy Right Now. It’s an incredibly practical and actionable list of things we can all do in our daily lives to be happier as defined by scientific evidence. From a brisk, 30-minute walk to a random act of kindness, there are simple actions we can take that will actually make us feel better.


I find it fascinating, and hopeful, that just like driving a car or doing a headstand, we can learn to be happier. We can take some time every day to practice being happier. How lovely, right?

The Happiness Equation is a great read for anyone needing to get out of a rut, find deeper fulfillment or just you know, feel a little bit better every day.

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