Hey, friends. It’s been awhile, eh? Sorry about that. Life has been a little hectic and I’m just coming up for air. Here’s what’s been going on, in case you were wondering.

  • Lucy and I shipped up to Connecticut. Like two months ago, but still… it’s been an adjustment from Brooklyn. I mentioned that I moved into my parents’ house, right?
  • I left my job at Integrative Nutrition at the beginning of March, about three months after giving my notice. That meant schlepping into the city once a week, which made it feel more like three years (HOW do those of you who commute do it everyday? I swear you’re superhuman.).
  • I began my freelance/consulting career and picked up several clients pretty quickly. In fact, a little too quickly. It was overlapping with my regular job and CTK work for a bit there which meant I was essentially working three full-time jobs. It’s been a wild ride so far and I’m still adapting to entrepreneurship and the schedule that comes with it (read: never shutting down). TBD on that front.
  • I went to California with my mom for 12 days. We started in San Francisco (where we were met with a torrential downpour for four straight days). Despite the rain, it’s a fantastic city and we spent a lot of time catching up with family. From there we drove down the coast on highway 1, stopping in Carmel, Big Sur, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, Newport/Laguna Beach and, after three days, made it to San Diego. We stayed in La Jolla (health nut heaven) and spent the final leg relaxing, taking long walks and enjoying good food and company. It was an incredible trip, one of the most stunning I’ve ever been on scenically, with one of my favorite travel buddies.


After a very quick, last-minute trip down to Charleston (the cutest little city!) over the long weekend, I’m back and finally feel… well, free.

The past couple of months have brought some of the most trying moments of my life. But they’ve also been the most insightful. Of course, right? You know, that whole ‘the obstacle is the way’ philosophy.


Here’s what I’ve learned:

Life is short. And very precious. So we need to do what we really want to do. How we spend our time matters, whether that’s on work that gives us purpose, a last minute trip down South, or taking a weekend to relax.

To let go. I sat down to write a few times over these months and couldn’t do it. All I felt was resistance, and when I tried to get things down on paper- er, on the screen, it was straight up garbage. So I backed away from it (literally, I went to California) and allowed myself the time to regroup and gain some clarity. It worked. I feel more ready than ever to start this next chapter and get moving on all the fun stuff we have planned for you around here.

To live in the moment. When I was traveling I found the times I chose to go with the flow were the most enjoyable. While walking around in San Francisco we met a woman on the street, started chatted and she invited us into her home for a glass of wine. For the record, I normally don’t recommend accepting alcohol or other gifts from strangers on the street, but Mary was hard to turn down. We had an amazing conversation and it was one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. You can get an idea for how fabulous she is here, by the way.

Small people and small ideas aren’t worth your time and energy. Simple enough, right? Time to play big. (How we spend our time matters, remember.)

Happiness is a choice. We have to decide to be happy and figure out how we’re going to get there. That means we need to stop thinking about what makes other people happy and figure out what’s going to work for us. It doesn’t come from anywhere else but within and it can alter our outlooks dramatically. 

Above all, we have to be kind. There’s so much fear, anger and hate in the world, now more than ever, it seems. We don’t ever know what’s going on with other people, so it’s best to just be kind.


So, when I think about the many difficult times in the past couple of months, including but not limited to…

  • Three hour one-way commutes to the city, featuring a car ride, a train ride and a subway ride. Lots of rentals cars.
  • Many thoughts along the lines of WTF AM I DOING? around midnight the night before a client deadline. I thought this would be easier…
  • A complete and total mental breakdown, snot-sobbing and all.

… I try to keep these new insights I’ve discovered in mind. What’s cool is that I’m developing a more positive mindset in the face of adversity, which I don’t believe I could say before with confidence.
So I guess, the obstacle really is the way.

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