Are You Making These 5 Super Common Weight Loss Mistakes?

Are You Making These 5 Super Common Weight Loss Mistakes?

Alright, we’re back after a long weekend of family time, stuffing, and apple pie over here (Thanksgiving in the States). And if you’re shifting into recovery mode today like we are, we thought we’d talk about some super common weight loss mistakes you might be gearing up to make right now.

Because after a food coma or two this weekend, you’re probably feeling like a little reset, no?

If that’s the case, then stay tuned because we’re so close to launching our weight loss course! We hope you’ll join us when it’s ready. Our goal is to take you by the hand and lead you away from all the crappy, ineffective diets out there and toward the promised land of just eating like a normal human and feeling good in your own skin.

That mythical place where loving your body, not feeling batshit crazy around food, and losing weight is your actual reality. (Diets and punishing exercise not included.)

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Okay, so let’s talk about those pesky mistakes now, shall we?

Mistake No. 1 – Skipping the mindset work

Most diets skip right to the ‘tell me what to eat’ portion of the program. But if losing weight were as easy as ‘eat this, don’t eat that’ we’d all be at our ideal weight by now, right? Right.

It’s crucial to get your mindset right first for a few reasons. One, because you may be operating under some false assumptions about how to lose weight in the first place. Two, you’re likely living your life according to a limiting story about your weight, a story that could be standing in the way of real change. And three, you’re probably engaging in some seriously damaging self-talk right now. And that self-talk is what’s stopping you from ever getting the body you really want. You know, the kind of body you can look at in the mirror naked and not want to cry and eat all of your feelings?

These mindsets need to shift first. If you don’t address them, there’s a good chance you’ll never get anywhere. A good chance you’ll stay stuck in the diet cycle forever. Weight loss is about so much more than what’s on your plate.

Mistake No. 2 – Trying to eat less and move more

This one makes us batty. After years of essentially trying to starve myself and run as many miles a week as possible and gaining weight instead of losing it, I was furious. This simple misinformation of “calories in, calories out”, and all of the advice that stems from it, leads all of us to make this mistake.

We don’t gain weight because we eat too much and move too little, so we’re not going to lose it by eating less and moving more, damnit. If that was going to work, it would have worked by now. It’s incredibly hard to lose weight that way. And even if you do, you have approximately 0% chance of keeping it off.

Mistake No. 3 – Eating low fat

When we try to lower our fat intake, we wind up doing a few things that suck for weight loss. One, we wind up eating processed food with sugar in it. You see fat tastes good, so in order to make fatty foods taste decent sans the fat, they have to add something in. And that something, is typically sugar and artificial ingredients. Two, we wind up feeling hungry all the time because we need fat in our diet, it’s satiating and we’re supposed to be eating it. And three, we wind up eating more of the exact foods that switch on our fat accumulation process in the first place.

This fat phobia we’ve all been ingrained with over the past few decades is one of the most harmful pieces of nutritional misinformation out there. Fat in our food does not translate to fat on our ass, so we need to stop avoiding it.

Mistake No. 4 – Attempting to be perfect

I was just talking about this over the weekend, actually. When we set out to lose weight we typically create a set of strict rules for ourselves to be followed for a certain amount of time but, how often does that really work? I like to think of it as a pendulum swinging (a little metaphor, if you will). If you try to restrict yourself and be perfect for too long, inevitably you’re going to swing further back the other way when you let loose. And honestly, the starting over and hoping to be perfect again next week, is exactly what causes all the harm both physically and emotionally.

Ease up on yourself. Stop trying to be perfect or to ‘eat perfectly’. There’s no such thing. Gentle shifts and small changes over time wind up getting you results much faster than all the trying and failing to be perfect over and over again. (I’m nodding in agreement to this as I eat leftover pumpkin pie standing up in my kitchen.)

Mistake No. 5 – Putting life on hold until you’ve lost the weight

It’s so incredibly easy to say things like “once I lose weight, then I’ll do this….” but it’s the waiting around on the weight that makes for a boring life in which the only thing to actually look forward to is your next feeding. Trust us, we’ve done this too.

Instead of focusing on all the glorious things you’ll be, do and wear once you’re skinny, start doing that stuff now.

Get that cute new dress, start dating, enroll in that class, join that whatever. You’ve got to start acting as if you’ve already lost the weight or you’re never going to lose it. Sitting around waiting for things to get better once you’re thin is a really crappy plan that gets you absolutely nowhere.

We hear these mistakes all the time and it’s one of the reasons we created our weight loss course.

There’s just too much misinformation floating around out there that’s keeping you from having the body (and the life) you really want. We used to be fooled with this trickery ourselves and we finally escaped it.

Now we’d love to show you how to escape it too.

Are You Making These 5 Super Common Weight Loss Mistakes?

We firmly believe too many of us spend too much of our precious time here on Earth trying to get skinny. There are much better things to do and there’s much more fun to be had.

But we also realize that if you’re feeling like shit in your own skin, it’s really hard to just grin and bear it. It’s difficult to just decide to be happy when you’re in a dark, dark place about your weight.

We get it. We’ve been there. And we want to help.

Pop your email in here and you’ll be the first to know when our course is ready. We hope you’ll join us!

And now we’d like to hear from you.

Do you have a question about any of these mistakes?

Do you have one of your own that you realized wasn’t working?

Leave a comment below.

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