Minimalist Monday: Brands We Love

In our quest to pare down and simplify our lives, we’ve both been moving away from the fast fashion trend of the past decade and leaning more towards higher-quality, ethically sourced clothing brands. Sure, they definitely cost more than Forever 21, Gap or H&M but really, the cost of fast fashion is a lot higher than we realize.

So here are three brands we’re digging these days. Not only for their minimalist style and progressive business models but also for their efforts to maintain ethical manufacturing standards.


What we love about Everlane is that for each piece, you can check out where it’s made. You can see all of their factories right here, actually. Plus, their cashmere is super soft, their tees flow delightfully and this striped long sleeve is the perfect year-round piece. Bridget’s waiting for her loafers to show up right now too so, we’ll update you on those later. You’ll be seeing Everlane’s goods quite a bit in our Spring Capsules, as a matter of fact.



I emailed Grana directly to inquire about their manufacturing practices. A kindly fellow named Pierre responded and explained that their business model and location (they’re based in Hong Kong) enable them to keep costs low for the consumer while ensuring ethical working conditions for their employees. This was lovely to hear as they have truly beautiful pieces. My friend Diana lives in Hong Kong and has seen their goods first-hand. She said the silk is amazing. Can’t wait to check some of them out for myself, possibly in my Summer Capsule this year.

Grana 3

Grana 4


Cuyana has beautiful, beautiful pieces. I actually got my mom their small tote for Christmas and it was a big hit. I was impressed by the softness of the leather and the quality of construction. Their entire philosophy is to have fewer, better things – so obviously, we love them. Plus they have a Lean Closet program that seems to successfully get donated clothing to women in need.

I’ve personally been pining a bit over this silk maxi. Definitely out of my budget at the moment but who knows, maybe one day….

Cuyana Dress


Do you have any favorite slow-fashion brands? Share them with us below. We’re always on the lookout and we’d love to hear from you.


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