The Past Year: Dana

What happened? I think I blacked out.

A year has whipped by and all I’ve got to show for it is a new baby, a new home in a new state, a new website and 20 extra pounds. It’s been quite a ride, I’ll tell you.

Bridget and I thought we’d give you a little update you know, since it’s been so long.

Here’s a quick timeline of my last year.

February 23rd 2017

Wake up and take a pregnancy test (get a little pee on my hand). It’s positive. Take another one because I don’t believe it. Go to tell Joel and remember he is snowboarding in Canada and not actually inside of our house. Freak out. Call him. Eat a bagel. Cry. Immediately gain five pounds. Promptly fall asleep for three months.

May 23rd 2017

Come to expecting to have a cute baby bump but really, I just look bloated. Buy a bunch of maternity clothes that won’t fit for another three months and realize none of my regular clothes fit either. Go to Target a lot.

Find out Joel’s job has changed and we have to leave Upstate New York for the suburbs of New Jersey. Get ready to move again, for the 15th time since college.

Decide, after a few snot cries, that I’m actually okay with this since I’m going to become a mom and really, I just want my mom (who also lives in New Jersey).

May 24th 2017

Remember that I have a job to quit, a house to finish renovating, pack up and rent out, and another house to find, acquire and move into. Remember we just bought one house and cannot buy another just yet. Get stressed. Eat pizza. Take a nap.

Chat with Bridget about how Crop Tops & Kale no longer feels right in my baby-filled gut. She agrees. Decide to update to Wellness Lately and hire a designer to help us.

June 23th 2017

Drive to New Jersey and unpack all of my things. Commence designing new site. Settle into new life in my hometown.

July 23rd 2017

Say prayers of gratitude that rental house has central air conditioning. Commence watching The Office seasons 1-9 on Netflix while researching all of the baby things on the internet. Twiddle my thumbs. Try to concentrate on anything aside from the gripping fear of a baby coming out of my body.

Go to Gabby Bernstein retreat at Kripalu with Bridget. Eat gluten-free cereal in silence for three days. Finally look pregnant.

August 23rd 2017

Go on vacation with my family. Attempt to pull off a bikini while pregnant. Feel weird. Put on maternity one piece and call it a day.

September 23rd 2017

Finalize design and plan for Wellness Lately. Begin writing as much as I can in anticipation of a tiny human taking over my life. Watch seasons 1-9 of The Office again. Put away everything from my baby shower and make final touches on the nursery.

October 23rd 2017

Start freaking out about giving birth, let alone actually taking care of a newborn. Expect my boobs to work. Start doing ‘final things before the baby comes’ type stuff. Have a half a glass of wine.

Watch seasons 1-9 of The Office again. Pack my hospital bag again. I have too much time on my hands.

October 31st 2017

My best friend comes home from the city for my due date. We sit on the couch watching The Office and eating pizza while waiting for trick-or-treaters and me to go into labor.

I do not go into labor. There are no trick-or-treaters. She goes back to the city. I eat lots of candy.

November 6th 2017

Get induced. Try to watch The Office on an iPad. Feel lots of pain. Get an epidural. Try to go to sleep. Watch Joel sleep instead.

November 7th 2017

Send Joel for coffee. Push real hard. Foster Hillman Barron comes out. Try to get my boobs to work. Eat an enormous turkey sandwich.

December 7th 2017

Give up on breastfeeding because my boobs don’t work. Feel really sad. Try to remember what sleep is. Cry. Wear a bathrobe a lot. Feel like I’ve got this. Cry again. Worry about plagiocephaly. Look straight haggard.

January 1st 2018

My body is my own again. Foster sleeps through the night on his flat head. Reclaim some energy and sanity. Start feeling good.

Throw out my back. Commence physical therapy.

February 1st 2018

Leave the continent to chase the Northern Lights in Iceland with Bridget and best friend. Do not see Northern Lights. Impulse purchase faux fur jacket and see lots of beautiful landscapes. Miss Foster more than I thought possible. Realize next time I need to get away I can just go to the Embassy Suites for the night.

Come home, finish physical therapy try to establish a new routine as a stay at home/work from home mom. Make final touches on new website with Bridget.

March 7th 2018

Start losing the baby weight on The Simple Cleanse. Prepare to launch Wellness Lately. Think about starting The Office season 1 again.

See this a lot.

So while it’s obvious I had a super-bitching year, I can assure you that there were many mental breakdowns involved.

Over the course of it all, Bridget and I realized that Crop Tops & Kale was feeling more like an obligation than a passion and we spent some time investigating that.

Turned out, we’d simply moved in a direction that wasn’t lighting us up anymore. We were so focused on minimalism and weight loss – things that had drastically improved our lives but that we weren’t as interested in anymore – that we’d closed ourselves off from everything else that we were curious about.

And that’s the whole point of this site.

To follow our curiosity and interests and share our findings in case they might help you too. Oh and to write and have fun and be creative because that’s what we both love to do. We realized if we weren’t loving it anymore, then something needed to change.

So we took some time to figure out what felt really good for both of us moving forward and Wellness Lately was born. It’s the latest iteration of our little business and creative outlet. We’ll be continuing to investigate and report on all the ways we women can be happier, feel beautiful and enjoy our time on here on Earth just a bit more. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for following along!

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