Just A Few Pretty Things

Between my bridal shower, full-throttle wedding planning, contemplating whether or not to quit my job and squeezing my buttcheeks non-stop for an hour at barre class each night, I’m both physically and emotionally tired this week.

Not the bad, frazzled kind of tired but the kind of tired that feels good, that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and a John Oliver episode.

And to be honest, I really just felt like sharing some pretty, feel-good things today.  Some have to do with my bridal shower this past weekend and some just caught my eye.

1. The Newlywed Cookbook (aka Bridget’s most adorable shower gift!)


This bad boy is so beautious! It makes me want to have a big, beautiful kitchen with a subway tile backsplash, concrete countertops, a big butcherblock island, a white farm sink and some open shelving. After flipping through this book, I now aspire to wear adorable, feminine dresses and create aesthetically pleasing, delicious dishes, whilst effortlessly sipping crisp Chardonnay and listening to vinyl records in perfect lighting.

I want to be a food blogger now. I want to be Martha Stewart now. And I think Bshan knew exactly what she was doing when she tied this beauty up in twine and brought it to my mom’s house on Saturday. When I told her “It makes me want to have a beautiful kitchen and make beautiful meals while sipping beautiful wine,” she responded “Yeah. That’s all I’ve ever wanted out of life.”

2. Copper & Polka Dots 

Did I mention the adorable potholders and measuring cups that came with this cookbook? Stop it. It’s too cute.

measuring cups

Copper Measuring Cups: Anthropologie

pot holders

Polka Dotted Potholders: Anthropologie

3. The Most Beautiful Cake I’ve Ever Seen

Photo Apr 21, 2 04 25 PM

Every family party I’ve ever been to, my grandmother has baked the dessert. She is a baker at heart. She likes recipes and structure and precision and white aprons. For my father it was spice cake, for me, chocolate, for my mom Strawberry Short Cake, and she herself, loves raspberry. For Christmas it’s chocolate pie, for Thanksgiving, apple and pumpkin.

But she is almost 90 now and making a big-ass cake for a shower was not something she, her arthritis and her macular degeneration were interested in. So she had it baked by someone else to her precise instructions.

My mom told me that after grilling the teenager behind the counter at the bakery for five minutes and being unimpressed by her lack of baking knowledge, my grandma then requested to speak with the baker himself.  And after grilling him for ten minutes and being unimpressed with the menu of choices he presented to her, she decided to commission a cake entirely of her creation down to the filling and icing.

And he baked the hell out of it. What a good egg he must have been because he gave her exactly what she wanted and the cake was not only the most beautiful I’ve ever seen but, it was also the most delicious. It had butter cream frosting that wasn’t too heavy or thick, a light pink, raspberry mouse-like filling between each layer of perfectly fluffy and moist yellow cake. Ugh. I want to eat more of it now.

4. Banana-Berry Baked Oatmeal Bites

Oatmeal Bites

Since we’re talking baking, Serena over at Domesticate Me emailed out this recipe today and it looks amazing (photo cred to her & her site).  Serena is one of my favorite food bloggers because 1. she is hilarious and 2. she seems to be really good at food. I’m excited to put those measuring cups to good use to make these soon.  This also makes me wonder if I’ll be able to bake in the Airstream this summer … must remind myself to ask Joel.

5. Into-Mind


BShan and I have been busy back here putting together our Capsule Wardrobes. We’re minimalists at heart and we want to make getting dressed everyday as easy as possible while simultaneously feeling really good in our own skin and confident in the way we present ourselves to the world each day.

Plus, we like cute outfits.

Here is our new favorite site to guide us toward this stylish, minimalist goal of ours. Into Mind. My favorite post so far has been 24 Outfit Formulas For Spring. I love the idea of being really thoughtful about our clothes and of simplifying. The answer is not a larger wardrobe, right?  Otherwise ‘a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear’ wouldn’t be a relate-able thing for every single woman I’ve met. Weekend reads last week included this genius ‘work uniform‘ idea and Into Mind takes it in a similar direction with these go-to formulas to follow. Love it.


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