Could You Quit Drinking if You Wanted To? 30-Day Update


I just wanted to share a quick update on my #Dry90 progress as I recently passed my first 30 days.

Whooo HAH!

Say that again in your head like Busta Rhymes would, to give it more power.

That is how I actually feel.

And this is what I’m doing in my living room.

The Benefits So Far: 30 Days


I am sleeping like a champion. Last night I shut my eyes at midnight and slept straight through until about 8:30 this morning. Glory road. This didn’t used to be a common occurrence for me. I’ve always had trouble sleeping and it’s amazing to be finally getting some quality shuteye on a regular basis.


As I said after day 10, I am just happier in general. I don’t have the same swings in mood and positivity throughout the day. It’s crazy to think that just a glass or two of wine can change that. And aside from a screening of Spotlight and this whole Zika virus thing, my anxiety just hasn’t really shown its face the past 30 days.


It’s been much easier to stick to BBG and to accomplish more each day. I have more energy, focus and mental clarity.


Aside from this little app that is estimating how much money I’m saving by not drinking (which honestly isn’t all that much since moving out of New York), it’s nice when your dinner bill is cheaper than expected.


I feel like I’m slimming down without a ton of effort. I think it’s because my cravings and appetite are different as a result of not only sleeping better, but the lack of the blood sugar swings caused by alcohol as well.


With the exception of a few moments here and there when I’ve really wanted to have a glass of wine, it’s been really easy. It’s nice not to think about whether or not to have a drink in general. Making the decision to go 100% dry for a full 90 days is easier than just vaguely trying to drink less. There’s nothing to contemplate and no more decisions to make once you’re committed.

I’m generally loving this little experiment. It’s so simple yet so effective in feeling better. It’s delivering the exact results I wanted: an overall improvement in my well-being.

If you’re interested in a simple plan for feeling way better (and maybe even losing some weight) check out The Simple Cleanse. It’s simple, easy and will make a huge impact. Sign up right here. It’s free.



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