How To Start Meditating


I think we’ve all read about the benefits of meditation. We know it relieves stress, increases productivity and mental clarity, fights depression and boosts moods. We know that a lot of really successful people do it and say that it’s the reason they’ve been successful. But, not many of us are doing it, are we?

That was the case for me until December 27th, 2014, when I started my new morning routine. I have to say that after about 50 days of meditation, I have come to love it. It feels really good.

I’d always been intimidated by meditation to be honest. I felt that it was beyond my level of spiritual progression. I would try but I’d always wind up overthinking. Am I doing this right? My thoughts are racing. It is even possible to stop thinking altogether anyway? Wait, is that the point? Wait, what is the point? My friend Amy takes that class, maybe I should take a class, or buy meditation beads, or download one of those Deepak Chopra apps. Do I really need an app though? That seems weird.

As someone who now officially meditates each morning,  I know that you don’t need any of that business to get started. I feel (maybe naively) that I am now qualified to give you a ridiculously simple guide to getting started with this ancient feel-good modality.

How To Start Meditating

What you’ll need:

A comfortable, quiet place to sit. I sit on a throw pillow, on my yoga mat, in my living room each morning.

A stopwatch. I use my iPhone.

What to do:

Step 1:  Sit down and place your palms on your knees (facing up, facing down, whateves don’t think too much).

Step 2:  Sit up straight, pull your shoulders back and relax them down.

Step 3:  Set your stopwatch to five minutes and press ‘start’.

Step 4:  Close your eyes.

Step 5:  Breathe and focus on your breath.

Step 6:  Repeat step five until your timer goes off.

It really is that simple. And don’t worry, you’ll never be able to completely “quiet your mind”.  In fact, don’t think too much about that at all.

All meditation really is, is sitting down, being silent and still, and breathing, letting your thoughts come and go. Just be still, be quiet and breathe. I mean, how often in our daily lives do we actually give ourselves time to do that? To simply sit in silence, relax and be with ourselves and in our bodies? Not much, you guys, not much.

There’s really no way for me to describe exactly what meditation will be like for you. All I can say is that it feels really good to me and I think you should give it a try. Go ahead, my friend.  And then tell me what you think.  Or, if you already meditate, add your thoughts on the matter below. We would love to hear from you.



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