Hey friend. Are your pants too tight?

Eh. It happens. Perhaps a busy week at the office or a few late nights over the weekend and BAM – you’re out of a healthy routine and feeling like crap. Tired, bloated and uncomfy in your jeans.

We get it. We’ve been there. Who hasn’t?

But, let’s do something about it today. Let’s not let this little slump turn into an entire month, season or year. Life’s too short to feel like crap. It won’t take much to turn it around. Promise.

Now, you might be checking out some diet books on Amazon, looking at a 30-day unlimited package of classes or maybe even a pricey juice cleanse.

Hold up.

You really don’t need to spend any money to get yourself back on track.

We want you to save those hard-earned benjamins for something a bit more exciting than spinach juice.

Plus, we have something for you that we know will work better anyway. It’s a simple approach to weight loss, and the results are powerful. Trust us. A juice cleanse is never the answer.  

We get it. You just want to:

Lose weight…

Get your energy back…

Sit down comfortably in your jeans…

Stop feeling so bloated all the time…

Feel confident in your own skin…

Well, we have a FREE 3-day reset to get you started. It’s called The Simple Cleanse. And it’s awesome.

You’re going to feel so much better by the end of the week.

You see, back when Dana was health coaching full time, she put this program together for her clients (in a 21 day format) because everyone just wanted to be told what to do.

“Of course I want to get healthy,” they’d say. “But, just tell me what to do to lose weight.”

So she did. And guess what? It worked. Her clients lost a whole bunch of weight and started freaking out about how good they felt. Some even lost up to 12 lbs on the three week program.

What’s even sweeter, is that they slept better, saw improvements in their complexion, had more energy and mental clarity and just felt happier in general too. Who doesn’t want to just feel happier, right?

See what a few of them had to say:

“One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed (besides losing 11lbs!) is that I am sleeping incredibly well. I wake up feeling so refreshed and ready for the day. I’ve gotten more than you know out of the cleanse, I seriously don’t want it to end!”
“Guess who is wearing her skinny jeans today!?? I told you my skinny jeans fit last week. They are BIG on me today!”
“I am so thrilled that I signed up for the cleanse because it has been a total change in my whole life approach. I’m sleeping better, starting my day with more energy and I’m more pumped than ever to go to the gym!”
“I wasn’t sure that I would be able to stick with it but, I lost 7 lbs and I wasn’t hungry!! I’m no longer craving greasy, cheesy foods, either. I not only lost weight but I have done a complete overhaul of my eating habits for the better!”
“First and foremost, I just feel better. I am healthier, I am smarter about food, I’m not hungry all the time. I am skinnier! My love handles are gone, I’ve lost 6 lbs and I’m still losing. It was so easy!”
“I was full, well-fed and have a much better understanding of how to incorporate what I’ve learned in the cleanse into my lifestyle. I’ve noticed that my cravings for sweets have dramatically reduced, my blood sugar feels more stable and I’ve lost 4 lbs and feel way less bloated than I used to!”
“I lost 10 lbs!  I had more energy and more motivation to get to the gym. It was well worth the money for the support and information.  Dana is very knowledgable and has a great way of presenting the information so that you know the science behind it and also how to practically incorporate it into your lifestyle”
“I lost 9 lbs!  I feel lighter and healthier as a result of eating lots of fruits, veggies and whole foods. I liked the education aspect as well as the resources.  I would absolutely recommend signing up to anyone who wants to learn about leading a healthy lifestyle and jump start their weight loss!”
“I lost 7 lbs!  I have never felt so energetic. I would recommend joining the cleanse to anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy and look and feel awesome while doing it.  Seriously, it rocked!”

Pretty groovy, right? We think so.

And we’ve condensed that three week program into a super simple, 3-day plan that you can follow for a little reset. No calorie counting, points or diet books involved.

Is that something you’d be interested in?

Just give us your email address we’ll send you everything you need to get started.

Please, if you’re feeling exhausted, bloated, heavy and maybe even a little depressed, if you’re clicking around the internet, pinning recipes and looking for a way out, don’t waste thousands of dollars on some crazy thingamabob. Weight loss is actually pretty simple when we cut through all the confusing crap that’s served up by the media and diet industry. Just give us a few days. Follow the guide and see how you feel.

We bet you’ll feel great and want to keep going. Which is sweet because we want you to keep your money and get real results instead. (And then tell all of your friends about us, wink.)

Trust us, you don’t need to make yourself miserable with a juice cleanse or waste a bunch of money on a package of barre classes.

It really doesn’t take much to turn it around and start feeling better quickly. With a minimalist approach, you’ll be on your way to feeling good in your jeans again in no time. And you can even eat actual food while you’re at it!

Sign up below and we’ll send you an email with everything you need to complete the 3-day reset:

  • Exactly what to eat and drink for three days to jumpstart your weight loss and feel better fast.
  • A super simple meal plan
  • All the recipes you could possibly need
  • A precise list of what’s in and what’s out (seven key things) for the next three days.
  • AND a little bonus: you can email us with any questions during your cleanse and we will respond within 24 hrs.

Sign up right now for The Simple Cleanse. Save yourself some time, money and energy. Do it for just three days and see for yourself how good you feel. It’s totally free so you’ve got nothing to lose. Might as well give it a shot. Right?

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