Weekend Reads

I wasn’t necessarily expecting 70 degrees for the first day of spring. But snow? Lol Mother Nature.

In addition to being the official season opener, today happens to be International Day of Happiness. Not exactly a Hallmark holiday, but a day to celebrate the things that contribute to human well-being and a happier society is cool by me. If you read anything about IDH, read this. Dr. Mark Williamson highlights how our happiness as individuals contribute to something bigger, namely a better, healthier world.

Speaking of happiness, this chick behind the scenes at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a little camera-wielding angel. Thanks to her photography (and Facebook), a lot of adorable pups are finding forever homes.

How’s this for a cool Kickstarter campaign? OM City: The Web Series intends to explore NYC’s yoga scene and it sounds right up our alley. Here’s a brief description: “Grace is not a perfect yoga goddess by any means. She struggles in the pursuit of happiness as she negotiates the all too often incongruous reality that comes from integrating the spiritual with the economical.” The struggle is real, Grace.

I’ve been all about matcha lately. Particularly the matcha green tea latte from Juice Press, much to my bank account’s dismay. What’s matcha you ask? It’s a ground green tea powder that’s pretty mellow compared to other forms of caffeine, plus it’s loaded with antioxidants. This baby’s on my to-make list for the weekend, thanks to Sherrie from With Food + Love.

Raise your hand if you face your closet every morning with the exact same sentiment: “I have nothing to wear.” Enter: a capsule wardrobe. It’s a mini wardrobe, rotated every three months, made up of 37 really versatile pieces that you love to wear. Sign me up.

That’s all we’ve got for you today, friends. We’ll be over here hoping the snow stops sometime soon, and wishing you a wonderful weekend. Happy reading!

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