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Happy Saturday, friends. I hope you have some fun stuff lined up! I for one am tackling my closet today and have never been so excited to organize something, ever. I was serious last week when I said sign me up for this capsule wardrobe business. I really think Caroline from Un-Fancy is on to something.

Here’s what we’re getting into this weekend:

Easter is swiftly approaching and these Carrot Cake Cupcakes (with coconut frosting!) from Taylor at Food Faith Fitness look fab. Thinking things will go over smoothly if I show up to family dinner with a tray full in tow.

Lori at Mussel Fit is spot on with this post about the power of community when it comes to fitness. As she writes, being a part of a group of like minded women can be life changing.

I made a sorry attempt at zucchini chips last weekend, and still not sure how it went south. But I’m thinking I may have better luck with parsnips, and this recipe from Artney looks could be just the ticket.

Who wants to send me to Italy for this food and prep styling & photography workshop with Annette Joseph? Don’t all jump at once.

One of my favorites, Anna, got real on The Yellow Table. Here’s a killer line for ya: “despite how you may feel, here’s the truth: you are enough. Right now. Exactly as you are.” The fact is, what we see and consequentially interpret to be other people’s lives on Instagram or Facebook is never really the full story. So let’s quit it with comparing ourselves to others, eh? We’ll all feel a whole lot better.


  1. thanks so much!!! hope you get to come along, although I think we may be full after this weekend, keep checking back… we will get to work together at some point I am sure. Look forward to it and thanks again for the mention xx good luck with the parsnip chips!

    • Good to know Annette, thanks for the heads up! It looks incredible, so I sure hope to work with you in the future. 🙂

  2. Our pleasure Taylor, the cupcakes look delish & are on my Easter recipe list! Hope you had a great weekend.

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