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Happy Friday, friends. What’s on tap this weekend? Don’t tell me Coachella, I’ll virtually smack you. I would like to be there.

Alas, I’ve got some fun stuff lined up including a bridal shower for D-Money (weeee!) as well as a Kentucky Derby puppy paw-ty. Yes, you read that right, and yes, it’s going to be paw-some. With a splash page like this, how could it not be? In all seriousness, does anyone know where I can find a dog-sized, preferably polka dotted, derby-style hat for Lucy?

What else, what else…

These, I must try. Avocado? Yes. Chocolate chips? Yes. Cookies? Yes. The recipe from Sarah at A Whisk and Two Wands is right this way.

Ever wonder how Eva Mendes looks so damn good all the time? Turns out it’s all in the belted waist, ladies. Just kidding, pretty sure there’s more to it than that … but these five slimming style tips from Who What Wear do go a long way.

When it comes to running a big race, I find training plans are the way to go. Some people, cough-Leisha-cough, can completely dismiss training, and yet somehow still cross the finish line. Unfortunately that wouldn’t fly with these little leggies of mine. Here’s a great way to create your own training plan from Beth at Running with the Sunrise.

Where my creative gals at? Feeling crushed by the ole 9-5? I hear you. The Chalkboard has some tips for how to balance your creative side with the daily grind. That’s right, you can kill it at work and still do you.

I am embracing a minimal wardrobe with open arms these days, and I gotta tell you: it’s awesome. This article from Harper’s Bazaar only reinforced why it’s the way to go when it comes to getting dressed everyday. Less choices FTW!


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