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I kind of fell off the band wagon with this little weekly series. Whoops! It’s a shame, ’cause I think they’re fun, so thought I’d throw one your way today. It’s supposed to be a pretty crappy weather weekend with Joaquin’s arrival here on the East Coast, so getting cozy with some link love sounds like something we could all use. Just a quick little roundup of feel-good things we’re digging, that hopefully inspire you, too.

Reading: Rising Strong by Brené Brown. I spent the entire flight from Stockholm to New York reading one of her books, Daring Greatly (D-Money’s summary here) and have a feeling I won’t be able to put this one down either. I know I’ve mentioned Daring Greatly multiple times … time week … but, I’m obsessed. If you’ve ever felt a bit stuck, scared of the unknown or a need to control the outcome of various situations (in work, relationships, business, families, etc.) it’s a must-read.

Cooking: fall produce, weeeeeeee! It’s my favorite. Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, apples, pears … I love it all. I made this tasty little number from Inspiralized (obviously) and decided I might like butternut squash noodles even more than zucchini noodles (gasp).

Speaking of cooking: we just rolled out a new recipes blog at Integrative Nutrition, and there’s a little ditty from yours truly included. Get my go-to dinner, quick & easy vegetable stir-fry for a healthy weeknight meal.

Contemplating: this article from NY Daily News … Here’s how one New Yorker ditched his workaholic life for a two-day week – and didn’t go broke.

Using: The Sleep Cycle App. Since returning home, adjusting to my regular sleep schedule has been a challenge. Getting up to workout in the morning and reading (fiction) before bed has helped, but it’s been interesting to analyze my snoozin’ this week. Plus I love the alarm clock feature. I don’t know if the whole optimal wake-up element makes a big difference, but regardless there’s something wonderful about waking up to a peaceful noise instead of the blaring default ringtone on my iPhone.

Do you like these weekly roundups? Should they make a permanent comeback or could you do without? Leave a comment here, or tell us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks in advance friends, and happy Friday!

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