Weekend Reads


Eggnog for everyone, cause it’s (a pre-holiday) Friday and we made it!

A few good reads for your weekend here:

Holiday gift-giving between adults is a needless, consumerist chore. PREACH! (Our take here.)

Crock-pots for the win this winter. Are they not the simplest, best kitchen tools ever? Greatist just put out a big ole round up of crock-pot recipes, and it’s awesome.

Ding ding ding! Capsule wardrobes are the future of feminist fashion. Minimal closet decisions = more time for life. You heard it here first kids.

Our pal Diana recently wrote about something we’ve both been pondering a lot these days. In Work as Art: The Rise of Creative Entrepreneurship, she’s talking about the simple pursuit of things that light us up inside (and ahem, getting paid). She says there’s a shift happening, and people are refusing to spend 40 hours a week doing something soul-crushing. We think that’s pretty rad.

If you do nothing else before the end of the year, read the book that inspired this post. Not gonna elaborate on this one, because I already have. Just read the book if it strikes a cord.

Happy Friday! Don’t forget to fit in a little you time before the craziness ensues next week.

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