Weekend Reads


Hey friends, happy weekend. I hope this post finds you curled up on the couch with a cup of tea or glass of wine (somewhere warm, if you’re braving the blizzard!).

A few reads we’re enjoying:

Eight secrets of people who don’t have clutter. Good, simple tips from PureWow here for maintaining a clutter-free space. Like cleaning your counter daily. It’s hard to wipe down a counter everyday that’s covered in stuff, ya know?

We’re big fans of closet clean-outs, so it’s tough to hear that only 20 percent of all clothing donations are being sold at secondhand retail outlets and thrift stores in the U.S. Fashionista explores what happens to the rest. The issue is that many of us feel okay about discarding the clothes we don’t want, because we believe they’re going to a good cause. Unfortunately it’s still pretty wasteful and negatively impacts our environment and developing populations. Consuming less but better, we believe, is a start.

Sarah Knight explains how she turned $30 into $10,000 in one year on Refinery29. Her goal was to quit her job and move to the Caribbean to get her freelance gig off the ground (uh, where do I sign up for that?), and has some good pointers for how she did it. The bottom line? There are always trade offs. You have to decide what’s essential, and make some sacrifices along the way.

Simple, delicious, chocolate chip cookies for disaster preparedness from Erin over at Reading My Tea Leaves. In case of a snow-mergency, consider yourself well-prepared.

Speaking of Erin, we’ve been zipping through her new book, Simple Matters. It’s beautiful, inspiring and had us improving our spaces about halfway through.

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