Weekend Reads

weekend reads

Hey friends, happy weekend!

Coming at you from Connecticut today.

After several months of anticipation, Lucy and I are settling into our new (old) home. Things feel strange, but good.

More on that later.

For now, just want to share a few great reads we’ve come across lately:

23 ways to treat yo’self without buying or eating anything. Yep, it’s possible. Gearing up for #9 at the moment myself.

I used to see this at my office every single day. I’m sure work addiction is prevalent in most offices. And not necessarily the addiction to doing more work (although that’s common, too). But more specifically, successaholism. Or what this scientist explains as the chase for one achievement after another, thinking that the next one will finally make us happy. She suggests we’re all suffering from it, and it can lead to emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and decreased relationship quality. At work, the increased stress may cause our productivity and attention span to decrease. Yikes.

Oh boy, we love this. You know how we feel about capsule wardrobes, and this article dives into every aspect of why. It also explains what to do with the clothes you’d like to donate after a good closet clean-out.

Speaking of capsule wardrobes, we were psyched to see this post on Unfancy. One of our favorite style bloggers, Caroline isn’t guaranteeing capsule wardrobe posts in her return to writing, and frankly we don’t care. Everything she puts out there, wardrobe-related or not, is wonderful.

While this one is primarily intended for business owners, the ideas can apply to everyone. Most notably, this definition of minimalism: “A better way to think of minimalism is to think of it as the pursuit of freedom. Freedom from financial worry; Freedom from tending to things instead of yourself; Freedom from time-wasting activities; Freedom from fear of loss.”

Okay, happy reading. Hope you enjoy. Oh, and if you’re heading to a Super Bowl party tomorrow, don’t show up empty handed. Our simple recipe round-up is right this way.

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