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Happy Friday, weekend, Earth Day … happy everything!

While we celebrate our planet every year, 2016 marks a pretty special one. That’s because 150 countries gathered in New York to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change, including the two largest greenhouse gas emitters (ahem, yours truly and China). It’s the first time in history that everybody’s on the same page about what needs to happen. Hooray! While we have a long way to go, its certainly a step the right direction.

Speaking of going green, this “green allergy smoothie” is on my to-make list this weekend. I can’t be the only allergy sufferer who’s feeling those high pollen counts this week right?

This is a good one on how minimalism can apply to finances, more specifically, paying off debt. The first step for this woman who found herself down $82K? Unsubscribing from daily deal sites.

In case you missed it this week, head over to fellow Health Coach Danielle Zeigler’s site to catch an interview in which we ramble a bit about our chosen career path. Hope it’s inspiring (and furthermore, comforting) if you’re in similar shoes.

And finally, this one made me laugh (and also may come off a little harsh) but … Memo to parents: your adult kids don’t want your stuff. Aside from maybe that record player. Have had my eye on that for awhile.

That’s about it. Have a good one, friends!

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