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How was your week?

It’s been a weird one over here. I started treatment for my “Lyme disease, etc.” situation. Some days I’ve been feeling good enough, like I might not even be sick and other days I can’t get out of bed until 10 am. So, I don’t know quite what to make of the whole thing yet. Keep you posted.

Without further ado, here a few good reads to cozy up to this weekend:

Are you guys familiar with Because I’m Addicted? Uncertain here if I’ve been living under a rock and this is one I should have previously known about… Either way, it’s right up our alley and full of good wellness content. I particularly enjoyed 17 Ways to Get Organized in 2017.

We’re always up for quick and easy dinner on those hectic weeknights and this roundup on Cup of Jo is a good place to start. I’ve got my eye on that Arctic char with citrus sauce, yowza.

I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation, as I’m focusing on some new goals for this year (and also have been trying to AVOID BREAD AND CHEESE!). A whole lot more on that to come, but in my research I stumbled on this Ted Talk from Dan Pink about the puzzle of motivation. It’s not directly related to my gluten and dairy struggles, but it’s worth the watch anyway. Especially relevant for reaching business goals.

What actually defines a good night’s sleep? NY Mag shared a rundown of numbers to know, and as it turns out my numbers chalk up to a pretty pitiful sleep quality. Cutting wine for a month should help with that though, eh?

I love this one: what classic literature can teach us about living well from Darling Magazine. I’m a real sucker for classic lit. I based my decision to study abroad in England entirely on the work of Jane Austen, who is not referenced on this list, but it’s still full of useful inspo for living a good life.

Think I just added Pride & Prejudice to my weekend agenda.

Have a good one, friend!

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