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Today felt very nostalgic, like I was back in high school. And not just because I live in the same house that I did during high school heh.

No, no because it was a snow day! Like the kind you stick an orange in the freezer, wear your PJs inside out, and pray to the Gods of school cancellations for. I still had to work all day. There‘s actually no such thing as snow days when you work from home, which is a bummer.

But it still felt like a snow day because my mom and I were holed up inside and wore sweatpants all day and laughed at Lucy frolicking around outside. She suggested we have a little brandy in our tea in the afternoon which would have been fun but then I remembered I have another 10 days or so left on my alcohol-free cleanse. Also a bummer. (And what actually is Brandy anyway?)

So I’ve been sitting around reading lots of stuff today given these weather conditions. Something about a snow day makes you want to procrastinate and just read a bunch of random articles on the Internet you know?

Actually who am I kidding, that’s pretty much every day.

SPEAKING OF WHICH! This blog post from our pal Jeanne, in which I believe she is speaking directly to me, is a good one on the art of achieving things, etc.

I’m really into this topic these days because I’m researching motivation. In doing so, I recently picked up The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. More to come on that, but so far it’s a real good read if you’re looking to work through some mental roadblocks.

Here’s a good criteria from Caroline at Un-Fancy for answering “do you keep it or let it go?” when it comes to clothes you haven’t worn in a year.

Dana’s pick of the week is this one from Seth Godin: What’s the next step for media (and for us?). It’s a great exploration of the growing influence that commercial media has on our lives. Seth says we don’t have to be willing participants in their race for our attention and our emotions, and we think that’s pretty good advice.

On a less intellectually-charged note, are these smashed potatoes with garlic pesto on my must-make list for the weekend or what?!

Not an article or book but, a recommendation – I’ve been really digging the sleep meditation on the Headspace app. I’ve been using Headspace for awhile now, but only recently upgraded from the free version (for $7.99/month) and it’s already sooooo worth it. The single sleep exercise is helping me get to sleep a lot faster than I usually do!

Okay that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy the snow day! Drink some brandy or something for me!

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