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Let’s see, let’s see.

At the top of today’s news IMO is the fact that my month on Lyme antibiotics and the accompanying cleanse is officially complete. Yeehaw! The yeehaw is mostly about my return to the wonderful world of wine. Albeit, one glass a night per the doctor’s order, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’ll write a review of my month off all things inflammatory soon, so stay tuned. Going forward, I’m sticking to 80/20 diet, avoiding gluten and soy as much as possible, to help my thyroid return to normal levels.

In other news, here are a few good reads for your weekend!

This I found very interesting: Cities and Ambition by Paul Graham. Moving’s on my mind (more specifically, where to) and it’s hard to argue the idea that we’re very much influenced by the people around us.

For a laugh, but also a hearty dose of reality, How to Not Suck at Relationships from Man Repeller.

This! This! This! Dana and I are both big fans of Mel Robbins so I bookmarked this video when she shared it. Still on my motivation kick, it confirmed what I’ve come to find out is definitely true: that motivation kind of doesn’t exist. Or, it does, but not in the sense we think it does. More on that to come, but for now watch this video when you get down time this weekend.

Say what you will about Gwyneth, but the woman knows how to style an apartment. I for one would not mind flipping pancakes in that kitchen. Which is probably why I enjoyed 4 Gwyneth-Approved Ways to Marie Kondo Your Home on Well & Good, cheesy headline aside.

And finally, I loved this one: A Mistake is Just a Moment in Time, by Jason Fried. A beautiful take on collecting rugs. Metaphors included.

Hope you have a great weekend, friend!

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