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Hi, hello! And Happy St. Paddy’s Day my friends.

Never thought I’d find myself working at 8 pm on St. Patrick’s Day, a Friday night at that. But here we are. Coming at you from Dover, New Hampshire, where I’m currently residing as part of the Tour de Where Should I Move. I spent some time in Portsmouth today, which was lovely. Charming little New England town. So cute, a real contender in this race of mine.

As for what we’ve been reading this week? Gotta tell you there’s a weird theme going on here, but bear with me.

Up first is this one from Benjamin Foley: 10 things you can do this morning to reduce your anxiety by 67%. Not sure what’s with the 67% but there are a bunch of good tips on here. I’ve been struggling lately with a few Lyme symptoms creeping back in, severe anxiety included, and this was helpful.

On a related note, Lo Bosworth (yep as in, The Hills) wrote 2016: The Year of My Great Depression. Revealing a struggle with depression and anxiety, she explained her process of learning she had a vitamin deficiency. Good to see more and more people opening up about these things, in my opinion. There’s such a stigma around mental health, which prevents a lot of people from attempting to figure out what’s going on. I have the MTHFR gene mutation as well, which I only found out through a blood test. Treatment may look different for everyone.

For Ellie Goulding, exercise helped (told you there was a theme here). Which I understand in theory, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. When you’re really deep into the darker moments of anxiety, it’s tough to do much of anything, let alone get yourself exercising.

On a different note, I liked this one from Darling: How Those Qualifiers You Use Undermine Your Confidence. A good case against all those times we say “thank you BUT…”.

This quick refresher on capsule wardrobes from Caroline at Un-Fancy was great, particularly the note on how her approach has changed.

And finally, just added this paleo chicken and celeriac rice casserole from Inspiralized to my must-make list for the weekend!

Happy weekend. If you’re celebrating tonight, have a green beer for me!




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