Weekends Reads


Hey friends. Happy weekend! A few good reads we’ve been enjoying:

Minimalism is having a bit of a moment, so there are a bunch of myths floating around about how to approach it. This Bustle article debunks the major ones, while shedding some light if you’re interested in the lifestyle. A personal favorite: “There is no “correct” amount of stuff to have to be able to call yourself minimalist, it’s simply about not having anything in excess.”

On the subject of minimalism misconceptions, a major one is that it only applies to “stuff”. The tangible objects, and overstuffed closets. Truth is, there’s a lot more to it than that, and this piece on what minimalism could mean for your career is a good example. It covers how to apply the philosophy to your job and finances, and why creating some breathing room to determine what’s meaningful is so important.

I love, love, love the recipes Tegan shares over on Half Baked Harvest (not to mention her drool-worthy Instagram). But often the meals are a bit on the ambitious side in my book, more of a weekend endeavor you know? So when I saw these fudgy avocado brownies and realized I already had the required ingredients, they jumped to the top of my must-make list.

For my fellow marketing nerds: five simple steps for building your Pinterest following. Pinterest can be a bit of a jungle for brands who don’t know where to start, and this CMI post is a simple, digestible tutorial. Speaking of marketing, did you know we’re now offering copywriting services? Yup. We want to help you sell stuff. Pretty sweet, right? Click here if that’s something you could benefit from (looking at you, coaches/#girlbosses/business owners).

And finally, a little dose of feel-good for your soul: 65 photos that prove 2015 wasn’t the worst year after all. Get your tissues ready.

P.S., if all this minimalism stuff tickles your fancy, you can sign up for our 7-Day Simplify Challenge. We’ll lead you through seven easy tasks to get you started de-cluttering and simplifying your life. Oh and it’s free! Sign up right here ->

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