Why Do We Care About Style?

Why Do We Care About Style?

Why should you even care about style?

I’ve asked myself on more than one occasion why I wanted to include it in our message of feeling better in your own skin through simplifying.

We’re a minimalist wellness site. We write about living healthier, happier with less. And in the age of fast fashion and an exponentially growing number of fashion bloggers on Instagram never repeating outfits, style blogging seems like an ill suited companion to that message.

On the surface style seems a bit vain, frivolous and perhaps even shallow in comparison to holistic wellness and personal development.  

But it’s not. It’s actually the perfect compliment.

Style is an integral part of feeling good in your own skin.

As I ‘prepared my California Travel Capsule’ earlier today (a fancy, blogger way to say ‘packing’ or ‘trying to fit everything I want to bring into one small, red, backpack, while fretting that i’ll be cold’), I was sifting through my thoughts around this. I was trying to articulate why I think putting time and attention into our personal style is important.

What I realized, is that there are a few reasons:

The Best Place for a Woman to Start Decluttering is in Her Closet

What I’ve experienced in my own life and have witnessed in others, is that a capsule wardrobe, or attempting to improve your personal style through paring down and focusing on less but, better, is the number one gateway drug by which most women get hooked on minimalism.

Go minimalist in this one area, and it tends to spill over into others. It just feels so damn good.

There’s also no greater symbol of our failed, collective attempt to buy confidence and happiness than a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

And there’s something powerful about cleaning out your closet in the first place That feeling of refreshment is potent. It leads us directly to more joy, contentment and ease.

Living a More Conscious Life Starts with Getting Dressed Every Day

Caring about what you wear is not vain.

In fact, taking time to present yourself to the world each day in a way that makes you feel good is not only a small act of self-care, it can also be an expression of your individuality, personality, creativity and values. You know, as a citizen of humanity.

Sorry, I realize that was a touch heavy. (And I haven’t even been drinking.)

Aside from the food we eat and products we use on our skin, nothing makes a clearer declaration of our values than the clothing we choose to buy.

Do we buy cheap, disposable crap without regard for the impact on our confidence, the environment and the lives of others? Or do we put some thought into it? Do we consider the impact of our purchasing habits? Or do we just consume to consume regardless of the consequences?

Although it’s impossible to do it perfectly, I think it’s important that we care.

How we deploy our purchasing power makes a statement, whether we’re fully aware of it or not. And there’s a fashion revolution going on out there that we want to be a part of.

Negative Body Image is an Epidemic and Style is a Powerful Tool to Improve It

Or, as Stacy London so eloquently put it in The Truth About Style:

By changing your style, you’re forced to change the way you view yourself. And if you can see yourself differently, you can start to feel differently. If you put on clothes that actually flatter your figure, you suddenly may not feel so bad about your body anymore.

And when the negative body feelings change, the negative thoughts change. When you can think positively about one aspect of yourself, it becomes easier to believe in yourself in lots of different contexts. Seeing to feeling to thinking to believing: These are the four stages of changing your style.

So while we’re not your typical fashion bloggers, we do feel that caring about your style is important for many reasons. We see it as paramount in living a more conscious life that makes you happy and in feeling at home in your own skin.

We all know wearing an outfit that we feel beautiful and confident in has the power to elevate our experience in life, that how we feel in what we wear matters.  

So instead of buying clothes all willy-nilly because they’re cheap or on sale and indulging in the endless urge to consume the latest trend. Instead of getting swept up in the manufactured desire the industry has created that has nothing to do with us feeling good. We think it’s important to slow down and give your style the care and attention it deserves.

Because when done right, our style can be a huge boon to our confidence. When done wrong, it can leave us standing in front of a closet full of clothing, in a damp towel, stressed out yet again because we have nothing to wear.

That’s why we blog about style.

And besides, at the end of the day, as Iris Apfel says….

When we were small children we all played dress us and everybody had a good time. So why stop?

I mean, let’s be serious. Playing dress up is super fun.

And if you’re interested in a few helpful tips from our favorite stylist, pop your name and email in below and we’ll send ’em over.

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