Weekend Reads


Weekend, weekend, weekend!

I don’t have much on the agenda aside from walks with Lucy (Spring is so close guys, I can feel it), catching up on Oscar noms just in time (more below) and a few good reads. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

A great uniform from Caroline at Unfancy (for which I can vouch for – I own and love this shirt). But the real meat of this post is at the bottom, so keep scrolling and then drop the “shoulds”.

An inside look at clothing donation bins: what really happens? Spoiler alert: it’s not pretty. But, there are some great suggestions here for what to do with clothes you’ve grown out of or don’t need anymore. We’re working on this ourselves, by the way. More on that here (and our proposed solutions).

On the subject of unused stuff, how our unused stuff keeps us emotionally stuck.

And for design junkies or brides-to-be, 16 minimalist weddings that show less is more.

A bit of a wildcard, and not completely related to typical subject matters around these parts, but I wanted to share this one. Every year I attempt to watch all the Oscar nominees before the big night, and this morning I watched Spotlight. It was emotionally taxing, as someone who was raised Catholic (of the very Irish, Boston-based kind) and having worked in newsroom. But oh man, what a well-made, important film. After watching it, I cried a lot then I read a bunch of articles, and I particularly enjoyed this one from Sacha Pfeiffer’s perspective.

Okay, happy weekend friends! And enjoy the Oscars if you’ll be watching, too.

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